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Learn About Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic surgery involves the repair, reconstruction, or replacement of different areas of the body, including the breasts and face.

There are two main types of plastic surgery: cosmetic plastic surgery and reconstructive plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgery helps to improve a patient’s appearance on an aesthetic level, while reconstructive surgery corrects physical features that may be abnormal due to disease, genetics, or injury, such as breast reconstruction after breast cancer.

Enhance Your Appearance with Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

By enhancing your appearance through plastic or cosmetic surgery, you can feel more confident, boost your self-esteem, and feel younger. On a physical level, plastic and cosmetic surgery can help to reduce the signs of aging, bring back your pre-pregnancy figure, make you look more refreshed, and reshape your body to make you appear sleeker, slimmer, and more toned. Hair restoration is also a popular cosmetic surgery for men and women with balding or thinning hair.

Plastic and cosmetic surgery can be used to:

Correct a Physical Abnormality with Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

For people who have been diagnosed with certain types of cancer, such as breast or skin cancer that may cause disfigurement during treatment, for those who have suffered an accident or trauma that causes disfigurement, or for those who are born with or develop a physical abnormality that interferes with quality of life, reconstructive surgery can restore appearance and functionality while also improving self-esteem and quality of life.

Dr. Louis Iorio commonly performs plastic surgery to reconstruct the breasts after breast cancer and mastectomy, as well as breast reduction for women with abnormally large breasts that cause pain throughout the body, a condition called symptomatic macromastia. Dr. Iorio can also reposition protruding ears – a condition that often causes emotional trauma for patients due to bullying or teasing – through ear surgery on adults or children.

Getting Started

At Iorio Plastic Surgery & CosMedical Center, board-certified plastic surgeon and general surgeon Dr. Louis Iorio performs plastic and cosmetic surgery on the body, breast and face to keep you looking and feeling your best.

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