ARTAS Robotic Hair Restoration in Hair Restoration.

Colts Neck, NJ, Aug 15, 2018  – Local physician, Dr. Louis Iorio at Iorio Plastic Surgery & Medspa now offers the groundbreaking, clinically proven ARTAS Robotic Hair Restoration procedure. ARTAS, developed by Restoration Robotics, Inc. (San Jose, CA –, is globally changing lives.

For decades, hair loss has been a problem that balding patients have wanted to solve in order to restore their natural hair. This led to the development of various procedures that have evolved from painful, invasive techniques to modern, minimally invasive techniques that are virtually pain-free. From 1950 to the early 80’s, the only option for the public used large, circular grafts (or “plugs”) that resembled a “dolls head” look. The desire to have a natural look led to the use of smaller grafts. By the late 80’s, a technique called Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) became the standard. Donor grafts were harvested and divided from a single strip of tissue. This left behind a single, large linear scar rather than a doll hair pattern. In 2000, hand-held Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) was introduced. This manual, handheld method relies entirely on human hand-eye coordination. Visualization of the treatment area is limited to what a physician sees with magnification glasses. This repetitive, manual task loses consistency and quality of the hair graft during the procedure.

Now, patients are turning to ARTAS Robotic Hair Restoration, the most advanced hair restoration procedure in the world. Developed with leading hair restoration physicians and researchers, this state-of-the-art technology was created to eliminate the guesswork and fatigue associated with manual handheld methods, along with the scarring, complications, and downtime of existing invasive surgical techniques. Unlike older transplant methods, no surgical incisions or stitches are required. In addition, ARTAS is FDA cleared and has multiple clinical studies documenting clinical efficacy. It is now possible for patients to experience natural-looking results without the side effects and recovery times resulting from older techniques.

During this novel procedure, the ARTAS advanced vision system identifies and harvests premium grafts which contain multiple hair follicles. As the gentle dissection is performed robotically, it eliminates the potential for human error, offering high quality visualization and precision from the first to the last graft. Once the hair follicles are harvested, the ARTAS System also creates recipient sites for the harvested grafts using ARTAS Site Making. The advanced vision system uses artificial intelligence and unlike humans, can avoid damaging existing healthy hair while creating a natural, aesthetic result.

Dr. Louis Iorio is now one of the leading physicians in the area offering this incredible procedure. “When I made the decision to specialize in cosmetic medicine, I made the commitment to research the newest, most effective techniques and learn from respected leaders in each field the world over. And I continue to assess relevant innovations in technology and procedures, because nothing less than the best will do for my patients.”

To schedule a consultation and learn more about ARTAS robotic hair restoration please call the friendly staff at Iorio Plastic Surgery & Medspa at 732-780-9191 for Colts Neck, NJ or 732-458-7400 for Brick, NJ or visit Special introductory pricing is now available.

Iorio Plastic Surgery & Medspa in Colts Neck, NJ and Brick, NJ is dedicated to providing quality plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery, as well as skin and body rejuvenation therapies, including cosmetic services, advanced skin care, and injectables.



Over 35 million men are affected by male pattern baldness (androgenic alopecia) in the United States alone. Approximately two-thirds of American men will experience appreciable hair loss by age 35 and by age 50, 85% will see significant loss in hair thickness. Genetic hair loss, which typically begins between late adolescence and before or during middle age, is largely untreatable outside of surgery.



Restoration Robotics, Inc., (San Jose, CA) is a privately held medical device company dedicated to transforming the field of hair restoration. The company designs and develops the ARTAS® Robotic Hair Restoration System, the first and only physician-assisted system to harvest follicular units directly from the scalp and create recipient implant sites using proprietary algorithms. The company has unique expertise in machine vision, image guidance, visual servoing and robotics, as well as developing intuitive interfaces to manage these technologies. Restoration Robotics is located in the heart of the high-technology center of Silicon Valley.

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