Benefits of Getting Botox in Botox, Cosmetic Treatments.

If you are looking for an easy way to get rid of wrinkles and other signs of aging, there is an easy solution for you. Botox® injections work well in reducing the fine lines in the face for a more youthful look.

What Is Botox®?

Botox® is the toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, which in large amounts, causes a form of muscle paralysis known as botulism. However, scientists have found that a weakened version of the product can control muscle relaxation. This is the quality that helps in smoothing out skin, so you can enjoy a more youthful appearance.

What are the Benefits of Getting Botox®?

Botox serves a variety of purposes – from treatment for chronic migraines to helping with bladder dysfunction. One of the most prevalent uses of Botox is for aesthetic purposes. Botox is one of the most effective ways to achieve younger looking skin. While there are a lot of other treatments available for wrinkles, Botox continues to be a leader. This is due to the variety of benefits it offers. Some of the benefits include:

Reduced Fine Lines

Reducing fine lines is one of the most common uses of Botox injections. By undergoing this treatment, the facial muscles that cause wrinkles in the forehead and around the eyes are temporarily relaxed, resulting in a smoother, youthful face.

Long-Lasting Results

Botox injections stay in effect for 3 to 6 months. This means, you don’t have to worry about day to day treatments. Instead, just like going to your primary care physician, you will need to visit your plastic surgeon or aesthetician for maintenance treatments when necessary.

Quick and Easy Procedure

Administering Botox injections only takes a few minutes, and anesthesia is not necessary. A plastic surgeon injects Botox in small amounts in the targeted areas of your face. You will be advised not to rub the treated area for 12 hours after the injection or lie down 3 to 4 hours after the treatment. You may feel minor discomfort during the treatment, and results will take three days to two weeks to take full effect. You can expect minor bruising after the procedure.  However, this is temporary and goes away quickly.


Botox injections are very safe. Most people are able to get them without any issue. In rare cases, some people may experience a droopy eyelid or crooked smile. However, an experienced plastic surgeon will know where to inject Botox to ensure you do not experience these side effects.

Botox Injections in New Jersey

Always choose a board-certified surgeon for any treatment you want for your face or body to ensure your safety. Dr. Louis M. Iorio is a board-certified plastic and general surgeon at Iorio Plastic Surgery.  He has years of experience in the field and will give you the best service possible.

You can reach our Colts Neck office at 732-780-9191 or our Brick office at 732-458-7400. You may also request an appointment online. We can help you turn back the hands of time for a more youthful look!

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