Botox: Beautiful Solution for Mitigating Migraines in Botox.

Botox is an injectable solution prepared from a neurotoxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum.

Originally utilized by ophthalmologists for eye spasms and other ocular issues, Botox burst onto the beauty scene in 1987, when scientists discovered its almost uncanny ability to erase wrinkles, if only temporarily.Since then, it’s become a household name due to its many benefits: it’s quick, pain-free except for the pinch, and semi-permanent. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more than 6.7 million Botox procedures were performed in 2015 alone.

Becoming a groundbreaking discovery for beauty beginners and mavens was proof positive that Botox wasn’t a one-trick pony.


Move Over, Migraines

In 2010, the FDA approved the use of the neurotoxin for the treatment of migraines. A staggering number – more than 37 million Americans – suffer from debilitating migraines that affect daily life; yet only 36 percent of people who seek help receive the help they need. For 14 days (or more) each month, those who experience these incapacitating headaches struggle with sensitivity to light and sound, as well as nausea.

People who haven’t yet been diagnosed with migraines may self-medicate with a variety of fleeting fixes such as Excedrin (a combination of aspirin, paracetamol, and caffeine), which provide temporary relief for pain that will inevitably rear its ugly head again.

The Food and Drug Administration recommends inquiring with your physician about the use of Botox to treat your migraine symptoms. According to the American Migraine Foundation, the drug should be injected into shallow skinat 31 specific “nerve trigger” sites located at the forehead, on the hairline above the neck, and near the temples. This process relaxes adjacent muscles, meaning they won’t impact the nerve and subsequently trigger a migraine.

Botox’s miraculous migraine-fighting abilities were stumbled upon by accident in its early stages; people having the neurotoxin administered for other ailments reported a decrease in the number of migraines they experienced. Used every 12 weeks, Botox can be a beneficial preventive measure to mitigate discomfort before it starts.In addition to being relatively painless (think small pinpricks), the procedure takes around 15 minutes so you can do it on a lunch break, or whenever it’s convenient for your schedule.

Are you interested in how this technique can help you? Start by keeping a record of your migraine attacks. Jot down when they occur, how often they happen, and how they feel. This will assist your doctor in making a proper diagnosis. One thing to keep in mind is who you choose to administer your injections. Be sure to select a Botox specialist – preferably at a plastic surgeon’s office.

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