Coolsculpting for the Summer in Coolsculpting.

As the mercury rises, bikini season beckons us all – leaving people searching for ways to banish body fat and feel more comfortable in their skin. Dieting, Zumba classes, and cardio at the gym may help a little; but for some, the stubborn fat (especially around the stomach) just won’t seem to succumb to the efforts. Cryolipolysis, or CoolSculpting®, is one cutting-edge treatment promising to eradicate “exercise-resistant” fat once and for all.1 An invention that came aboutin the most unexpected of ways, the technique was developed after researchers noticed the interesting effect that popsicles had on children’s cheeks. After consuming the icy-cold snack, many developed dimples – proof positive that cold temps were causing small areas of fat cells to vanish.

Working out and eating healthy shrinks our body’s fat cells – but, it never actually eliminates them from the body. For this reason, results from these methods can be hit-or-miss. CoolSculpting, on the other hand, finds a way around this limitation by eradicating them altogether. While it may seem too good to be true, this modern-day marvel presents a welcome alternative to the more invasive fat removal techniques such as Liposuction. Sidestepping long recuperation periods, scarring, and strong sedatives associated with traditional surgeries, this technique harnesses a “vacuum”-like device with cooling plates which affixes to skin and fat. Cooling the problem areas to just above freezing temperatures, it damages the fat cells, before they’re gradually reabsorbed by the body over the course of several months.

According to a 2018 article published by Allure, CoolSculpting has seen a rapid rise in recent years – 7 percent last year alone.2 If the fear of more severe surgeries is preventing you from tackling your stubborn tummy, back, thighs, or “love handles”, it’s time to try a different approach. Sessions are relatively painless and surprisingly swift (lasting around 35 to 60 minutes each). An article in Vogue attested to the procedure being so tranquil, that you may even get some work done, or enjoy a cat nap while freezing the fat away.3 There are few side effects, but some patients report a stinging or aching surrounding the treatment site which can be compared to a frostbite sensation. It’ll usually subside after 11 days at most.4

Safety should always be a concern with any procedure you choose to partake in. Approved by FDA in 2010, CoolSculpting is a safe and effective method for those looking to shed a few stubborn pounds. However, it shouldn’t be used as a substitute for healthy habits, or on those who are obese.5 Recuperation periods can be considerable with liposuction and more invasive fat removal methods, but after Cryolipolysis, you’ll be alert and able to drive yourself home. In fact, you should be able to resume normal activities immediately, so it won’t interfere with daily life.

According to Iorio Plastic Surgery & Cosmedical Center, patients who elect to use this treatment can expect a 20-24% reduction in the targeted area. Prior to your appointment, your clinician will examine your body to discuss areas you’d like to focus on, as well as manage expectations. Most participants notice a change around 3 weeks following their procedure, while maximum effects should be noticeable after two months. This is attributed to fat cells continuing to be flushed out of the body for several weeks.6

Whether you’re planning that special trip abroad, or simply want to feel your best at the upcoming family BBQ, CoolSculpting is a simple way to get sensational results this summer. Iorio Plastic Surgery & Cosmedical Center has not one – but two, of these machines in their facility, offering you the convenience to tackle multiple areas at once. Strut your stuff this season; the first step is a trip to see Dr. Iorio. For more information, call 732-780-9191 for Colts Neck, NJ, or 732-458-7400 for the Brick, NJ office.




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