Microneedling in New Jersey

Skin Rejuvenating Treatments at Iorio Plastic Surgery & CosMedical Center 

Iorio Plastic Surgery & CosMedical Center is proud to provide ProCell system Microneedling to clients looking to refresh the overall surface texture and appearance of their skin. Designed to please the most discerning patients, the cutting-edge microneedling technique makes clean, consistent “micro-channels” through the use of an innovative vertical stamping design.

A cut above other microneedling methods, with ProCell, there is little risk of injury, and it offers uniform skin coverage, reduced tissue damage, and less patient downtime. You may even notice improved skin after a single treatment!

What Is Microneedling?

Touted as a revolutionary skin rejuvenating treatment, microneedling utilizes precision micro-needles to create what are known as micro-channels. Harnessing the cutting-edge ProCell system, a single pass over the skin will leave behind hundreds of these miniscule openings.

These tiny “injuries” act as a catalyst to awaken the body’s natural healing response, generating the production of new collagen – hence, the technique’s other name, collagen induction therapy (CIT). The result for many people is a dramatic reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, acne scars, stretch marks, and other imperfections. Over time, this repeated “healing” process should improve overall surface texture, revealing a glowing, healthier-looking complexion.

Who Qualifies for Microneedling?

Microneedling is safe for use on a variety of skin types. When performed by knowledgeable skincare professionals, there is little risk and very few side effects, other than some mild redness (which can last up to 90 minutes).

Microneedling at Iorio Plastic Surgery

With the help of the ProCell therapy system and the reputable experts of Iorio Plastic Surgery & CosMedical Center, you can expect to see skin tightening along with improvement in skin tone and texture. Call us today at our Colts Neck location at (732) 780-9191 or in Brick at (732) 458-7400, or fill out our consultation request form hereIt’s time to stamp out imperfections and reveal beautiful skin!

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