Pixel® RF


The Breakthrough in Skin Texture Enhancement

Using radiofrequency can trigger overall skin health with Pixel® RF, a laser skin resurfacing treatment that gently heats the skin, resulting in various skin improvements. It is designed to enhance the tone and texture of the skin and targets skin conditions such as acne scars, large pores, fine lines and wrinkles, and visible blemishes.

Pixel ® RF ablates and heats the skin through a controlled, focused delivery system using radiofrequency energy. Healthy surrounding skin assists in significantly quickening the healing process with minimum downtime.

What Is Pixel® RF?

Pixel® RF works deep beneath the layers of the skin. This FDA-approved fractional resurfacing laser uses a patented technology called InMotion Refractive Radiofrequency Micro Plasma Technology. This non-invasive treatment utilizes the power of radiofrequency energy, which is not harmful to the skin compared to some CO2 laser treatments. Fractional lasers such as Pixel® RF can focus on treating small areas of the skin.

Pixel® RF can contour, tighten, and rejuvenate the skin for a more youthful, healthier appearance. Other traditional treatments treat skin more superficially, but this procedure improves the skin from the inside and out.

How Does Pixel® RF Work?

The heat from the Pixel® RF applicator penetrates the deeper layers of the skin. In this gap, plasma is formed, and the micro-sparks produced gently remove the outer layer of the skin. Pixel® RF creates numerous microscopic wounds on the skin using microplasma technology. As the wounds heal, collagen production is stimulated, which results in the smoothing and tightening of the skin surface. The mild treatment stimulates skin healing and renewal, leading to improved collagen production and overall skin remodeling.

During the treatment, only a small area of the skin is treated. Pixel® RF allows the skin surrounding it to assist in healing. The procedure has little to no downtime, and patients will not experience discomfort. The process can last for 45 minutes to 1 hour, which already includes the preparation and treatment session.

Benefits of Pixel® RF

Collagen Stimulation

During the procedure, microplasma technology creates tiny wounds within the treatment area. These wounds stimulate new collagen growth, resulting in tightened and smoother skin.

Pore Refinement and Blemish Clearance

Pixel® RF can shrink enlarged pores, leading to a smoother skin texture. It also clears visible blemishes on the skin.

Lifting of Droopy Eyes

Droopy eyes, whether the eyebrows or eyelids, can get the Pixel® RF treatment since it targets small, delicate areas of the skin.

Minimal Downtime

Since only a small area of skin is treated, the surrounding tissue aids in healing as well. Most patients achieve optimal results within 2–3 months.

Gradual Results

It generally takes around 6 weeks to see results. Patients who opt for Pixel® RF treatments during the fall or winter get better results, as these seasons aid in healing conditions.

Why Choose Us for Pixel® RF?

Frequently Asked Questions

Besides the skin on the face, are there any other areas that Pixel® RF can treat?

It is safe for use on other parts of the body, including the neck, arms, and hands.

Levels of discomfort differ from person to person, especially since Pixel® RF uses radiofrequency heat energy on the skin. But this procedure is generally more comfortable compared to other laser skin resurfacing treatments. There will be slight swelling and a sunburn-like sensation after treatment, but these dissipate within a few hours.

The procedure is suitable for people with a vast assortment of skin concerns, such as jowls, crepey or loose neck skin, fine lines and wrinkles, and scarring (acne scars or injuries). A consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon will determine a patient’s suitability and the number of treatments for the Pixel® RF procedure.

Yes. One of the best features of Pixel® RF is its versatility and ability to effectively work on a wide range of skin tones and textures. It is considered a universal solution to various skin concerns.

After the procedure, the skin looks brighter and refreshed within weeks. A patient can be recommended to get 1–4 treatments every 4 weeks for optimal results. Collagen continuously forms after treatment, so skin improvements can be enjoyed around 4–6 months.