Neck Lift


Elevate Your Elegance with a Neck Lift

Don’t let your neck give away your age! At Iorio Plastic Surgery & Medspa, we understand the importance of maintaining a youthful appearance. Our neck lift procedure, led by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Louis Iorio, is designed to rejuvenate your neck, redefine your jawline, and restore your confidence.

What Is a Neck Lift?

A neck lift, or cervicoplasty, is a cosmetic surgical procedure to address signs of aging in the neck area. This procedure involves the removal of excess skin, tightening neck muscles, and contouring to create a smoother and more youthful neck appearance. Whether eliminating a “turkey neck” or reducing neck fullness, a neck lift can achieve remarkable results.

How Does a Neck Lift Work?

Neck lift procedures typically involve techniques tailored to each patient’s needs. Dr. Iorio will discuss the options during your consultation, which may include removing excess skin, sculpting neck muscles, performing liposuction to remove fat deposits, and utilizing Botox® to reduce neck fullness. These methods work together to restore definition to the jawline and create a more youthful neck contour.

Benefits of a Neck Lift

Restored Youthfulness

Say goodbye to sagging skin and achieve a smoother, more youthful neck contour, restoring a sense of vitality to your appearance.

Defined Jawline

Enhance your facial profile by achieving a defined jawline, rejuvenating your overall aesthetic, and accentuating your natural features.

Improved Confidence

Experience a boost in confidence as you unveil the transformative results of a neck lift, empowering you to embrace life with renewed self-assurance.

Long-Lasting Results

Enjoy the long-lasting benefits of a neck lift, as it improves the appearance of your neck, maintaining your youthful allure for years to come.

Customized Approach

Benefit from Dr. Iorio’s customized approach, where each neck lift is tailored to your unique anatomy and aesthetic goals, ensuring personalized results that harmonize with your beauty.

Procedure Timeline for a Neck Lift

Why Choose Us for a Neck Lift

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a neck lift suitable for everyone?

Neck lift candidacy depends on individual factors, which Dr. Iorio will assess during your consultation.

Recovery time varies, but most patients can expect some swelling and bruising initially, with gradual improvement over several weeks.

As with any surgical procedure, there are potential risks and complications, which Dr. Iorio will discuss beforehand.

Yes, Dr. Iorio may recommend combining a neck lift with other facial rejuvenation procedures for comprehensive results.

While individual results may vary, the effects of a neck lift are long-lasting, providing enduring improvement in neck contour and definition.