Recovery After Liposuction in Liposuction.

Striving for your ideal and aesthetically pleasing body can be quite an ordeal to achieve, whether you go undergo surgery or engage in a whole new exercise routine. If you’ve undergone liposuction or are researching the entire process of this surgical procedure, there’s some information you should know.

Recovery from liposuction can be difficult and uncomfortable, but there are some things you can do to help make it easier. Below is a helpful guide of what you should know and expect.


What to Do Immediately Following Liposuction Surgery

After your surgery, liposuction recovery begins. It is crucial that you closely follow any instructions given to you

First, the wound from your treatment may be covered with elastic bandages or a compression garment. These are designed to help control the swelling and keep the skin to your new body shape.

Your surgeon will also likely place small drains at the site of the incisions in order to remove any excess blood or fluid. The doctor will explain how to handle and maintain the drainage, if necessary.


Questions to Ask Your Surgeon About Cosmetic Surgery

Your surgeon will discuss with you how to care for your surgical sites and drains. You’ll likely be given topical or oral medications to promote healing, reduce pain, and lessen your chance of an infection. Be sure to ask about the maximum dosage for each prescription.

The doctor should also discuss specific things to look out for at the incision spot (such as intense redness) or in your general health (such as a sudden fever). Certain symptoms can indicate an infection.

Be sure to ask your plastic surgeon specific questions about what to expect following the procedure. Some questions you may ask are:

·      Where will I be taken after my surgery?

·      What medication will be prescribed to me?

·      How long do I need to wear the bandages or compression garments?

·      How long until my stitches are removed?

·      When can I get back to my lifestyle and regular activities?

·      How long until I come back for a follow-up?


Recovery at Home After the Liposuction Procedure

It can take several months for your swelling to go away completely. While you’re healing, your new body contours will continue to develop, and you’ll start to notice a significant change.

Once the swelling and fluid retention subside, your new shape will become more apparent. Limit your physical activity, and don’t expose yourself to excessive force or motion during your recovery period. Your surgeon should give you particular instructions on how to care for your body.

It’s quite natural to lose some firmness in your body as you age. With liposuction, much of your new shape should remain relatively permanent. However, to ensure that you maintain your new shape, be sure to exercise regularly and practice balanced eating habits.

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