What areas of the body can you do fat transfer on? in Fat Transfer.

Fat transfer, also referred to as fat injections, lipofilling, and fat grafting, harnesses a sample of a patient’s own fat for use in areas they would like to enhance. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), primitive fat grafting procedures were around back in the late 19th century but tended to yield poor aesthetic results. It wasn’t until the 1990s when the art of fat grafting burst onto the medical scene as a verifiable way to cosmetically augment the appearance of the face, breast, hands, feet, hips, and buttocks.

It’s no surprise that fat transfers have gained popularity; after all, haven’t we all wished we could take fat from one area and add it to another? According to Women’s Health, many modern-day patients are opting for this procedure due to its autologous nature – that is, its ability to use what is natural in the body as a “filler”(as opposed to chemicals).

The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) touts lipofilling as a way to improve facial irregularities and contours. As we get older, gravity can make graceful aging a bit more difficult. Collagen production is diminished and changes in our appearance occur, including the addition of animation lines – those pesky forehead and between-the-brow wrinkles, as well as a general deepening of facial folds. While dermal fillers present one solution, lipofilling can be especially effective at plumping up sunken cheeks and softening the grooves that run from the nose to the corner of the mouth (marionette lines).It can also be injected into your lips to perfect and plump up your pout. It can also improve the overall texture and appearance of the skin so you can feel confident about facing the day.

Body image is a struggle for many, but fat transfers present a wonderful option for improving the female shape. For example, just 25 cc to 400 cc of fat filler can increase breast size up to two cup sizes and offers a more natural alternative to breast implants. Those who have undergone a lumpectomy or breast reconstruction due to breast cancer may also look toward fat fillers to correct both symmetry and scar deformities. If you have a straight figure but are seeking a silhouette that’s a bit more Marilyn-Monroe-esque, fat injections can add volume for a more favorable waist-hip ratio.

One type of fat grafting that has gained popularity in recent years is the Brazilian butt lift. Despite one’s efforts with diet and exercise, the proportions of your buttocks are largely based on genetics. Thankfully, for those looking to add curves, the Brazilian butt lift allows patients to pick a new physique that suits their tastes and helps clothing fit more seamlessly. After extracting fat from the hips, lower back, abdomen, or thighs, your surgeon can enhance the buttocks, giving it a perkier appearance. The results from this type of grafting have the potential to last for years.

Iorio Plastic Surgery & Medspa is proud to offer an array of fat transfer procedures that are safe, long-lasting, and well-tolerated by patients. Don’t settle for a less-than-stellar appearance; feed two birds with one seed by extracting fat from one area to enhance another. For more information, call Iorio Plastic Surgery at
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