Why are my arms sagging even though I exercise? in Arm Lift.

It doesn’t seem right – you work out regularly, including arm exercises, and yet the skin under your arms is still loose instead of firm, dangling like a wet noodle! What does it take to tighten that skin up?

There’s a logical explanation for sagging skin – mainly that the more your skin is stretched due to pregnancy or excess weight gain, the more difficult it is for your skin to retract after you’ve given birth or lost excess weight.

After all, your skin has a certain amount of elasticity – like a rubber band. And what happens to a rubber band over time when it’s been stretched and stressed? Its strands fray and the band becomes lax, and it loses tautness. Well, so does skin that’s been stretched.

Unfortunately, all the exercise in the world might not be able to shrink or tighten up loose arm skin. But there is a surgical way to make your upper arms – between the armpit and the elbow – appear firmer and toner. It’s called brachioplasty – also called an arm lift.


Need a lift?

Bariatric surgery patients who have lost a lot of weight and are left with loose skin can especially benefit from an arm lift that helps tighten and define the upper arm.

During the arm lift procedure, an incision is made between your elbow and your armpit, either on the inside of the arm or the back of the arm. The length of the incision and pattern used depends on the amount and location of the excess skin, which is then removed. If necessary, excess fat may be eliminated with liposuction.

Next, internal sutures are used to reshape and tighten the underlying supportive tissue of your arm. Sometimes, during the procedure, temporary drainage tubes are placed under the skin to prevent fluids from collecting.

Once the surgery is done, the incision is closed, forming a new contour of your arm. The upper arm is then bandaged and may be wrapped in a compression garment to help limit swelling.

After an arm lift, you’ll be given specific instructions on caring for your arms, including how to avoid too much motion or force. However, once the swelling subsides, you’ll notice that your arms are firmer and more toned. But to maintain this new look, you should adhere to a healthy lifestyle, including a well-balanced diet and regular exercise.

Foods containing vitamins C and E can help prevent premature sagging, while the mineral zinc helps maintain collagen, which makes your skin firmer and more elastic. Meanwhile, cardio exercise helps deliver fresh oxygen to your organs – including your skin – which can improve its appearance.

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