Why Winter Isn’t the Most Wonderful Time for Your Skin in Skin Care.

Caroling, parties, and window shopping are all par for the course during the Winter season – but for those dry skin sufferers, winter can also present a host of challenges for keeping you looking holiday ready. As temperatures drop and the blustery weather begins to take hold, it can call for a complete overhaul when it comes to your skincare routines. Heed the advice of the professionals, and take into account some simple tips and tricks to keep skin looking glamourous as you go into the season.

Whether you’re sitting in an office cubicle, or picking out a tree in what feels like an arctic tundra, you’re sure to face dry and chapped skin. For those spending the majority of time indoors, be aware of the effects of heat. A necessary evil, heating systems can wreak havoc on dry skin; red skin, taught cheeks, and chapped lips are common changes triggered by the use of central heating.1 One article published by Everyday Health, estimated that the skin loses twenty five percent of its ability to hold moisture during wintertime.2 To mitigate the effects, set your heater to the lowest possible temp you’re comfortable with. Keeping a humidifier running will replace moisture that is sucked out of the air, and keep nasal passages, lips, and skin feeling supple.

When fingers, toes, and faces feel frozen, a steaming hot shower may seem like a harmless luxury. However, they can actually do more harm than good. CV Skinlabs, one purveyor of high end skin products maintains that prolonged, hot showers can strip the skin of oils that essential (especially at this time of year).3 Forego the scorching temps, and opt for lukewarm baths, showers, and hand-washing whenever possible.

What we wear can have an effect on our skin health as well. Those with sensitive skin and eczema-like conditions know to avoid itchy fabrics such as wool, but during the winter even the most resilient skin can suffer and feel irritated. Layering is key for leaving skin comfortable. When you bundle up, select smooth fabrics such as cotton and silk, which won’t aggravate eczema, psoriasis and acne – three of the most common issues in cold seasons.4

Just like you trade out your summer clothing for heavier, warmer ensembles, skincare routines should be switched up depending on seasons. Utilize a gentle sulfate-free facial cleanser that can remove makeup and residue all while imparting some much-needed moisture. While you’re at it, follow up your face routine and showers with a rich moisturizer that can replenish moisture and resist the signs of aging. Look for a cream or serum with hyaluronic acid, which holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water.5

While we’re on the topic of H20, it’s important to discuss the internal effects of it. Our bodies are made up of seventy percent water, the material responsible for keeping our cells plump and healthy.2 Hot weather, outdoor sports and activities prompt us to up our intake of it – but skin needs that same inside-out hydration more than ever during cold months. Make it your mantra to sip water throughout the day. If the thought of drinking it cold sends a shiver down your spine, sip on hot water with lemon; it’s a multi-tasking maven, detoxifying and hydrating the skin all at once.

If you’re doing everything to keep your skin looking its best, but are still struggling to keep it healthy, a Dermatologist can be an excellent resource for you. Led by Board-Certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Louis M. Iorio, Iorio Plastic Surgery and Cosmedical Center in New Jersey specializes in an array of top-notch skincare services designed to keep you glowing. For more information about winter skin care, or to speak to a specialist, call
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