PrecisionTx™ for Hyperhidrosis

Severe excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, is estimated to affect approximately 7.8 million worldwide and more than 4 million in the United States. Everybody sweats, but excessive sweating can be embarrassing and highly uncomfortable. From physical discomfort to painful self-consciousness, the stress of constantly hiding your sweat from others can be agonizing.

Unfortunately, many people who suffer from excessive sweating are too embarrassed to treat it, or simply don’t know that they can. It can make you feel self-conscious and constantly worried about how you appear or how you smell. Fortunately, we offer a minimally invasive effective treatment that goes directly to the root of the problem by ablating the sweat glands with a precision laser treatment system.

What is PrecisionTx™?

PrecisionTx™ is a minimally invasive procedure that utilizes laser technology to destroy overactive sweat glands and put an end to excessive sweating. The laser directly targets the overactive axillary (underarm) sweat glands. Only one treatment is needed for instant and lasting results.

What are the benefits of PrecisionTx™?

PrecisionTx™ uses laser energy to permanently eliminate uncontrollable underarm sweating, so you don’t have to live with the physical and emotional side effects of severe excessive sweating.

How does PrecisionTx™work?

The PrecisionTx™ for excessive underarm sweating is different than other procedures used to treat hyperhidrosis. It utilizes a unique and focused delivery of laser energy to target and ablate the function of sweat glands within the arm pits.

First, Dr. Iorio will apply a local anesthesia to numb the underarm area. He will then make a small incision to insert the laser fiber under the skin, delivering thermally secure laser energy directly to the axillary sweat glands and hair follicles.

The procedure takes only an hour and requires very little recovery time, so most patients can return to normal activities in just a few days. After treatment, underarm perspiration can be controlled through a standard over-the-counter antiperspirant.

Stop Excessive Underarm Sweating for Good

Don’t feel embarrassed by your excessive sweating another day! Contact Iorio Plastic Surgery & Medspa for your consultation. We can be reached at 732-780-9191 in Holmdel or Colts Neck, New Jersey or 732-458-7400 for Brick, New Jersey. For your convenience, you can also request an appointment online.

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