Breast Reduction

A breast reduction reduces the size of excessively large breasts and relieves discomfort or embarrassment. A breast reduction is an option for women who suffer consistent pain in their shoulders, back, and neck due to the weight of their breasts, a condition known as symptomatic macromastia.

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What is Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction (or reduction mammoplasty) is a type of breast surgery that reshapes the breasts to make them smaller, lighter, and firmer. Breast reduction surgery is performed by removing excess fat, glandular tissue, and skin.

If you have large, heavy breasts, you may not only be in physical pain but you can also experience emotional and psychological issues such as self-consciousness and insecurity. Breast reduction surgery can help you lead a healthier, more comfortable life while enjoying a more beautiful and balanced appearance.

Reasons for Breast Reduction

A woman might also consider a breast reduction when her breasts are not proportionate to the rest of her body, when one breast is much larger than the other, when the size and weight of her breasts restrict her activity, or if she is simply unhappy or self-conscious about the size of her breasts.

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Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery has numerous benefits including:

  • Relieving back, neck, or shoulder pain caused by heavy breasts
  • Fixing breasts that sag due to their large size
  • Balancing a disproportionate body frame caused by oversized breasts
  • Allowing for an increase of physical activity, when it had been limited because of the size and weight of the breasts
  • Ending painful bra strap marks and/or rashes due to large breasts

Breast Reduction Surgery Procedure

Dr. Louis Iorio is very experienced in the latest techniques for breast reduction. The most common breast reduction procedure involves making an incision that circles the areola; from the areola, the incision goes down and follows the natural curve under the breast. Dr. Iorio then removes excess glandular tissue, fat, and skin during the breast reduction surgery.

The nipple and areola are moved to a higher position and held in place by stitches. Sometimes, breast reduction can be performed by liposuction alone. Dr. Iorio will discuss the best breast reduction procedure for you during your initial consultation.

What To Expect After Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery is a highly-individualized surgery that women find to be extremely rewarding. Our patients at Iorio Plastic Surgery & Medspa in Colts Neck and Brick, New Jersey are thrilled with the reduction of physical pain that had been related to their large breasts and pleased with their better-proportioned body and better-fitting clothes.

Following surgery for breast reduction, we recommend lots of rest and reduced movement to enhance healing and speed the recovery time. After surgery, we will apply bandages to aid in healing and reduce movement of the breasts. Once the bandages are removed, you will need to wear a specialized surgical bra for several weeks. If you experience any pain related to breast reduction surgery, it can be treated with oral medication.

Are Heavy Breasts Causing You Pain? You May Benefit from Breast Reduction Surgery.

If you think you might be a candidate for breast reduction surgery, contact Iorio Plastic Surgery & Medspa to schedule your consultation. Call us at  732-780-9191 for Holmdel, New Jersey or Colts Neck, New Jersey or  732-458-7400 for Brick, New Jersey, or use our online appointment request form today.

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