Ultra Femme 360

Non-Invasive Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment


If you’re having problems such as vaginal dryness, pain during intercourse, discomfort while exercising, and even urinary dysfunction due to childbirth, menopause, or any other medical cause – you may be a candidate for vaginal rejuvenation.

The prospect of going “under the knife” to correct the condition is not an appealing option, which is why you’ll be pleased to know that there is an alternative. It’s a new procedure called ULTRA FEMME 360™, and it’s providing a whole new approach to vaginal rejuvenation.

What Is the Ultra Femme 360 Procedure?

ULTRA FEMME 360 is a quick, safe, simple, non-invasive treatment designed for women who want to improve their intimate health without resorting to surgery.

Using 360o technology, this procedure comfortably provides an effective radiofrequency treatment for 8 minutes internally and 20 minutes (or less) externally. It tightens and raises the labia, decreases the diameter of the introitus (vaginal opening) and the vaginal canal, improves natural lubrication and sensation, and can make orgasm easier to reach. You can even experience an improvement in stress incontinence from the treatment.

Best of all, ULTRA FEMME 360 causes no pain or discomfort, requires no anesthesia, and the procedure has no downtime.

How Does Ultra Femme 360 Work?

First, the tip of the ULTRA FEMME 360™ is inserted through the introitus inside the vaginal canal and is moved slowly alongside forward and backward. While the ULTRA FEMME 360™ homogeneously heats the treated area, you feel a pleasant and comfortable heat. The goal is to elevate temperature over 40°C in the target tissue. The resulting increase in blood flow plays a vital role in affecting the target tissue.

During the therapy, perfusion in the target tissue is significantly increased. After the treatment, you may notice mild redness and swelling in the treated area, but this usually disappears within a few hours.

The ULTRA FEMME 360 procedure adheres to strict safety standards. Its built-in Energy Flow Control system provides uniform heating during the therapy that allows the optimal amount of energy to reach the target tissue without any discomfort.

External treatment with ULTRA FEMME 360 is based on your specific needs and usually takes 20 minutes or less. The treatment is so convenient that it can easily be performed during a lunch break, and you can resume your normal activities immediately.

The recommended number of treatment sessions is three, scheduled once a week, but your provider can tailor the treatment plan exclusively for you.

What Ultra Femme 360 Can Do for You

Many patients have reported improvements after a single ULTRA FEMME 360 treatment session. The results will typically continue to improve over the next few months.

ULTRA FEMME 360™ has been featured on CBS and FOX television and in Elle and New Beauty Magazine. It was also awarded the 4th Anti-Aging & Beauty Trophy 2016-2017 for Best Cosmetic Gynecology Device.

To learn more about ULTRA FEMME 360 and how it can change your life, call Iorio Plastic Surgery & CosMedical Center today for a personal consultation with Christinna, our plastic surgery PA who has many years of gynecology experience. We can be reached at 732-780-9191 in Holmdel or Colts Neck, New Jersey or 732-458-7400 for Brick, New Jersey. You can also request an appointment online to learn more about this exciting new procedure.

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